• Electric Motorized Auto Incline Treadmill Running Foldable Exercise Machine with Bluetooth, Fitness Smartphone App – 2022 New Model with inbuilt pre-set training programme

    • 15 Level Automatic Inclinations: Adjust you incline level at your figure tip while exercising. Increase or decrease the hill as per your exercise routine during workout.
    • Speed 0.8 – 14 Km/hr: The speed of the treadmill suits for every need from beginner / elder age / intermediate runner. With the touch of the button you can obtain your desired speed.
    • Running Belt: 450 x 1200 mm, The Non slippery belt is long enough for a person to adjust himself and is made of high grade material which resist general ware and tear and provide you with a long running life.
    • Log Training Activities: Measure speed, time, distance, calories, hand pulse which you are on the machine and guide you accordingly the progress of your goals.
    • Product Size: 1545 x 720 x 1120 mm
    • Bluetooth: Connects iPhone, iPad & Android: The Bluetooth 5.o help you to connect your smart phone directly so that you never miss you call and enjoy the music or the video during your workout.
    • Music – Enjoy your music on the treadmill which has inbuilt speaker and you  can connect an USB, or your phone via AUX  or smart phone with Bluetooth.
    • Safety fold:  You can fold & unfold the treadmill with your single hand. The hydraulic system will fold the treadmill with your just single hand and will unfold it once the lock is release with your leg. The running belts falls at slow speed and it speed reduces even futher when its about to touch the ground.
    • Drinks holder: To keep you hydrate you can use the cup holder in which you can place your small water bottler and perform your fitness activity ensuring that you are hydrated all the time.
    • Free Smartphone Application: Fitness lover, AISPORT application is now available for A1Treadmill and is free to use, you can enjoy the features of the application. This is a fee application on IOS and Android.
    • Powerful 3.5 HP Motor: At the highest peak the power of the motor is 3.5 Hp
    • 1 Years Standard warranty (**Plastic Parts of Body not Included**)
    • Rubber suspension system: Even running at the fastest speed you wont feel any jerks , this is the technology used in the rubber suspension which help you to run comfortably and there will be no noise on running.
    • P1 –  P12 Automatic Programs: There are 12 in-built programme in the machine.
    • CE / UKAS accreditation: The motor of the machine is CE / UKAS Certified.
    • Max user weight: This treadmill can handle a max user weight of 120 kg at an average speed.

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